• Lions Gate Bridge
    Lions Gate Bridge
    The incomparable Lions Gate Bridge is a site to behold.
  • Stanley Park Totem Poles
    Stanley Park Totem Poles
    The totem poles in Stanley Park are the most visited tourist attraction in British Columbia. The poles showcase the unique carving style of the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Vancouver Seawall
    Vancouver Seawall
    The seawall is a waterfront path that circumnavigates the City of Vancouver. It is 22 kilometers in length (13.7 miles) and is divided into two lanes, one for pedestrians and one for cyclists.
  • Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden
    Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden
    This is just one of the beautiful gardens we pass as we make our way around Stanley Park.
  • Hornby Street Bike Lane
    Hornby Street Bike Lane
    Vancouver Bike Tours utilizes Vancouver's convenient network of separated bike lanes.
  • Harry Jerome Statue / Vancouver Skyline
    Harry Jerome Statue / Vancouver Skyline
    The Eastside of Stanley Park features a gorgeous view of the Vancouver skyline and this impressive sculpture dedicated to British Columbia's Athlete of the Century, Harry Jerome.

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Vancouver Bike Tours is an interpretive guiding company that offers daily bicycle tours of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Our tours make use of Vancouver’s seawall, Stanley Park’s forest trails and the City’s bike lanes. Along the way you will hear local stories, receive historical information and view a number of the city’s famous landmarks. Book your bicycle tour with Vancouver Bike Tours and see why Vancouver is truly one of the world’s ‘Greenest Cities.’

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